New Sprout Organic Farms is a leader in organic produce. We partner with over 10 farms across the Southeast to achieve our goal of providing the highest quality organic produce to our customers. Fresh from our fields to your table - it's that simple.

YouTube Video Series: Click to watch our Green Kale Grow ''New Sprout'' Pumpkins, June 2! June 13 June 20 - Crew is taking out the weeds July 7 July 24 - Blooming and Setting Fruit August 26 - Ready for Harvest August 29 - Curing in the Field Organic Pumpkin Ice Cream at Ultimate Ice Cream in Asheville
Sept 13th - Plowed and fertilized Broccoli. 7 weeks from harvest in Bailey, NC.


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Harvesting Now - September 2019

Cucumbers, Slicer - NC, GA
Dandelion Greens - NC
Green Kale - NC
Lacinato - NC
Fennel - NC
Lettuce, Romaine - NC
Muscadine Grapes, Black and Bronze - NC
Parsley, Curly and Italian - NC
Squash, Yellow and Zucchini - NC, GA
Squash, Butternut, Green Acorn - NC
Sweet Potatoes, Covington, Garnet - NC

About Us

Our partnership with farms across the Southeast region reflects our passion for, and commitment to, the sustainable production of certified organic produce. Growing acres of fresh, healthy food requires a team of people with varied talents and considerable dedication. Every shipment that leaves our growing locations represents a victory for our team, our partner farms, and our customers.