The “Next Chapter” of New Sprout Organic Farms

Since founding New Sprout, we have come to appreciate the significant challenges associated with growing organic produce. We are continually inspired by the determination and success of so many organic growers throughout the Southeast region. Currently we are working on several new initiatives that will further strengthen our relationship with these incredible farms and help them grow.

The first initiative is our organic seed potato and sweet potato slip business. We developed this business in response to our frustrations with the lack of high quality, affordable organic inputs in the region. We are proud to be providing certified organic seed potatoes and sweet potato slips for large commercial growers as well as backyard gardeners.

Our second initiative involves continuing to expand our network of talented, passionate growers in the Southeast. Our customers have a need for more high quality organic produce grown in the region and New Sprout is uniquely positioned to address this challenge. We partner with farms who prefer to focus on growing as opposed to branding, labeling, distribution, logistics, and packaging. We understand what our customers want and are developing partnerships with regional growers that will enable us to offer a wide variety of organic produce 12 months a year.