CV Carolina

Red skin, white flesh

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  • 25 LB
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12/22/20 - CV Carolina is sold out for the 2021 season
CV Dark Red Norland is available

• Red skin with white flesh
• Large size oval/oblong shaped tubers
• Excellent storage quality
• Early-Season (75-90 days)

Early Early Early! Carolina potatoes will be full size before you realize it. Don't wait to harvest as it is known to rot if left in the soil too long. Once dug it's going to be smooth sailing as this variety holds up GREAT in the cooler where it will store for several months.
Our conventional seed potatoes are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Synthetic fertilizer is used.
Note: Certified Organic Growers should secure approval from their Certifier before planting to ensure compliance. When Certified OG seed stock for specifically desired varieties is not available from other sources, planting untreated or conventional is often approved as an acceptable substitute.