CV Clearwater Russet

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Due to crop rotations and best practices management of seed generations and disease control,
Clearwater Russet Seed Potatoes are not available this year.

CV Russet Burbank
CV Russet Norkotah
OG Russet Norkotah
CV Canela Russet
NG Rocky Mountain Russet

• Versatile Russet
• Medium/oblong shaped tubers
• Excellent storage quality
• Mid-Late Season (100-115 days)
Growing Guide: Fertilizer needs are lower than other Russets (25% less than Russet Burbank).
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to PVX, PVY, scab, and verticillium wilt. Susceptible to early/late blight (foliar), dry rot, and soft rot.
Perfect for both fresh use and processing. French fries. And baking of course.