CV French Fingerling

Red Skin, White-pink Flesh Fingerling

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Due to crop rotations and best practices management of seed generations and disease control,
Conventionally Grown French Fingerling Seed Potatoes are not available this year.

Organic French Fingerling

• Red skin with yellow flesh fingerling, reveals an interior ring of rose/pinkish veins when sliced open.
• Mid season (Days to Maturity: 80-100 days)
• Stores well, but be careful when handling because the skin is delicate.
• French Fingerlings are larger than average fingerlings, so pick on the early side for a leaner shape and to avoid growth cracks.

It is said that this fingerling arrived in this country during the 1800's in a horse's feedbag.
Growing Guide: Heavy yielding, tall spreading plants with high resistance to scabs and some resistance to leaf hopper.
Nutty flavor and creamy smooth texture.