CV Red LaSoda

Red skin, white flesh

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12/22/20 - CV Red LaSoda is sold out for the 2021 season
CV Red Pontiac is available

• Red skin with white flesh
• Medium to large oblong shaped tubers
• Known as the best storing red potato
• Early Season (75-90 days)

Red Lasoda (est. 1953) is one of the most widely grown red potato varieties. The Louisiana Potato Breeding Program noticed remarkable bright red color from the crop regular (white) "La Soda" and a superstar was born. After several additional years of cultivation, this natural mutation was officially named and released as "Red Lasoda".

An ideal pick for Southeastern growers. Red Lasoda plants are sturdy and quite very well adapted to various soils and significant heat/cold tolerance as well as drought tolerance.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Susceptible to scab, corky ring spot, bacterial wilt, and early and late blight.
Well suited for boiling.
Our conventional Red Lasoda seed potatoes are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Synthetic fertilizer is used.
Note: Certified Organic Growers should secure approval from their Certifier before planting to ensure compliance. When Certified OG seed stock for specifically desired varieties is not available from other sources, planting untreated or conventional is often approved as an acceptable substitute.