CV Russet Burbank

Russet skin, white flesh

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  • 25 LB
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  • 50 LB
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• The Russet that started it all!
• Medium to Large Oblong shaped tubers
• Good storage quality
• Late Season (130+ days)

The Russet Burbank is extremely famous, accounting for over 40% of the potato growing area in the US.
Growing Guide: Irrigation and fertility management are key to producing #1 grade. Soil moisture should be as consistent as possible along with a controlled/timed release of nitrogen prevent misshapen tubers.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Tolerant to scab. Susceptible to fusarium and verticillium wilt, leaf roll virus, and PVY.
This is the gold standard with ideal taste and texture profile for frying and baking.
Our conventional Russet Burbank seed potatoes are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Synthetic fertilizer is used.
Note: Certified Organic Growers should secure approval from their Certifier before planting to ensure compliance. When Certified OG seed stock for specifically desired varieties is not available from other sources, planting untreated or conventional is often approved as an acceptable substitute.