CV Terra Rosa

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Due to crop rotations and best practices management of seed generations and disease control,
Terra Rosa Seed Potatoes are not available this year.

NG Amarosa
Organic Red Thumb
NG Red Thumb
OG French Fingerling
NG French Fingerling
NG Red Gold

• Red skin with red flesh
• Medium size oblong shaped tubers
• Medium storage capability
• Mid Season (80-100 days)

Released in 2012 by the Tri-State Breeding Program (Oregon, Washington, and Idaho), this true red/red potato has good yields and few internal or external defects. Retains flesh color when cooked.
Growing Guide: Fragile skin. Harvest gently to prevent mechanical damage.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to scab and leaf roll virus.
Amazing Red Potato Chips from this variety.