White King Onion Sets

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Shipping Note: When ordered for Spring Planting, our onion sets will produce a crop that is suitable for Bunched Spring Onions. Under spring growing conditions, our onion sets will not produce full size bulbs. However they will make for delicious spring onions. If you are planning to grow your onion sets into full size bulbs, be sure to order for planting in the fall.
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  • 32LB
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Shape: Globe
Bulb Yield: 2-3.25 Inch
Skin: 4-5 Clean White Skins with Excellent Adherence from Root Base to Neck.
Storage: 4-4 Months in Ambient Conditions, 5-6 Months in Cold Storage

Extremely uniform, globe shaped, early season hybrid white onion.
Recommended Latitudes: Planting from sets: 35-60 degrees Temperature Tolerance: Very Flexible Hybrid Variety. F1 White King will Perform in High Heat and also Cold Growing Conditions.
Mainly used for fresh, dried onion production