Organic Fortress Russet

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Due to crop rotations and best practices management of seed generations and disease control,
Fortress Russet Seed Potatoes are not available this year.

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• Russet skin with white flesh
• Oblong shaped tubers
• Excellent storage potential
• Late Season (115+ days)

Fortress Russet is a new variety released by the breeding program at Colorado State University. It is a heavy producer with over 50,000lb per acre on average, with an average 83% of #1 tubers in research studies. It is called "Fortress" because of its highly desirable disease resistance to major potato diseases including PVY, early and late blight, and verticillium wilt. Another great characteristic of this potato is low acrylamide levels. It is a dual use potato that works great for both fresh market and processing.
Growing Guide: Pre-cutting seed to 2.5-3.5oz is recommended. Just be sure to let the cut part heal over before planting. For maximum yields, seed spacing of 14 inches and row spacing of 34 inches is recommended. Optimal available nitrogen levels for this variety are 160-170lb of N per acre. This includes existing soil N and fertilizer. Apply 35-40% of the required seasonal Nitrogen before or during planting, and the remaining amount in split applications after tuber formation. Vines should be killed at approximately 115 days after planting to allow tubers to mature and to avoid tuber skinning and bruising at harvest.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to all strains of PVY, early and late blight, verticillium wilt, hollow heart, second growth, blackspot bruise, and shatter bruise.

Susceptible to bacterial ring rot and fusarium dry rot.
Fortress Russet has low acrylamide levels, which makes it a healthier choice if you like to fry to a dark gold to brown color.