Organic Harvest Moon

Purple Skin, yellow flesh
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  • 25 LB
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  • 50 LB
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• Purple skin with yellow flesh
• Medium size round shaped tubers
• Mid Season (80-100 days)

Harvest Moon is a HOT new purple skin variety with a yellow fleshed interior. Digging them in the garden is like digging up jewels because of the strikingly beautiful skin color. Not only do they shine on display, but they shine in the kitchen with a creamy, nutty flavor that makes you crave the next bite. Experiment with Harvest Moon to your heart's delight, and it will fill any recipe's role with color and flavor.
Growing Guide: 3-4 inch average tuber size
Disease Resistance Characteristics: High resistance to scab and growth cracks.
Can be enjoyed every which way: mashed, baked, boiled, fried. Adds color and flavor to a potato salad.