Organic Spartan Splash

Yellow/purple skin, yellow flesh

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  • 25 LB
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12/22/20 - Organic Spartan Splash is sold out for the 2021 season
Naturally Grown Masquerade is available

• Yellow/purple skin with yellow flesh
• Small to Medium round shaped tubers
• Stores well if maintained at 36 degrees
• Mid-season (80-100 days)

Purple Splashes adorn the eyes of this wondrous new fresh-use specialty variety. Bright yellow flesh has a creamy texture and taste rates as "Excellent". Plants tend to be more compact and yield up to 12 tubers with good uniformity.

Developed by Michigan State University Potato Breeding and Genetics Program.

(Similar to NG Masquerade ) and OG Harlequin Gold )
Growing Guide: Well adapted to northern growing areas
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Scab resistance
An eating favorite of potato connoisseurs, discover why! "Greg taste tests several hundred potato selections in each year between seedling selections and standard reference potatoes. Greg keeps coming back to Spartan Splash as his favorite eating potato. The only place Spartan Splash falters as a culinary potato is when deep-fat fried. Greg suggested spraying or dipping in whatever oil/fat (bacon grease, yum!) and "oven frying" as an alternative. " (Source )