NG Bintje

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• Yellow skin with smooth yellow flesh
• Medium size round to oblong shaped tubers
• Excellent Storage Qualities
• Late Season (100-130 days)

Pronounced (Ben-jee), this superstar heirloom potato from the Netherlands was first bred in 1905 by a teacher and named after one of his favorite students. This potato does it all so well that it was officially voted "potato of the year" in 2012. Terrific buttery, sweet flavor and waxy, creamy texture. Bake it. Boil it. Mash it. Roasting and frying are essential. High-yielding plants with tubers set in a large cluster formation. This variety can thrive in rainy conditions.
Growing Guide: Plant seed pieces further apart than normal to leave room for big clusters of potatoes. Grows well in towers and grow bags.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Immune to PVA, but susceptible to PVX and PVY. Susceptible to scab, fusarium dry rot, and late blight.
Bintje is the potato variety most preferred by the Belgians whose French fries are world renowned.