NG Desiree

Red skin, yellow flesh
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"Naturally Grown" Seed Potatoes are Certified Seed Potatoes grown using natural methods such as beneficial insects, crop rotation, cover crops, animal grazing, and plant diversity on the farm. Just like Certified Organic Seed potatoes, they are grown without use of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic-based fertilizers. The only non-organic input is an applied foliar acid used to desiccate the vines before harvest. The use of the desiccant dramatically helps reduce spread of aphid-carried disease in a crop, which can make or break an entire crop of seed potatoes as disease tolerance levels for Certification are extremely low.

• Red Skin and yellow flesh.
• Round to oblong shape.
• New potato. Decent storage potential.
• Early/Mid season (80-100 days)
Growing Guide: An easy and very reliable potato to grow.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to drought and common diseases
Excellent all-around cooking potatoes with satin-like skin and gourmet quality creamy yellow flesh.