NG Masquerade

Purple/Yellow skin, yellow flesh
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  • 25 LB
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  • 50 LB
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• Purple/Yellow bicolor skin with dark yellow flesh
• Medium Size round/flattened shaped tubers
• Poor storage quality
• Mid-Season (100-110 days)

Masquerade is certainly a special potato. But appearance isn't everything. It also boasts a delicious creamy, buttery flavor. And plants are surprisingly very high yielding with high percentage of #1 grade tubers. Really?! ...Yes! Developed at Colorado State University as a natural cross between a purple and gold type, Masquerade is a generous provider that is easy to grow. The color patterns that initially appear to be so random even have some uniformity, so you will not get stuck with a portion of less marketable masquerades. The purple wraps around the yellow base consistently forming "the mask".
Growing Guide: Vines are large, vigorous, and upright.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Medium resistance to bruising and hollow heat
All purpose potato. Bake whole with the skin on to bring the colorful patterns of the skin onto your plate. Recommended for use in soups or hash browns.