NG Nicola

Yellow skin and flesh
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• Golden skin with yellow flesh.
• Medium to large sized oval shaped tubers.
• Stores well for eating throughout the summer.
• Late season (100-130 days)

Resembles Carola and Yukon Gold in taste, size, and color. Originally from West Germany, now widely grown around the world. Low glycemic index value.
Growing Guide: High-yield potential Known for consistency, perseverance, and being on the early side of mid-season.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Immune to viruses; resistant to blight, scab, potato leafroll virus, and potato cyst nematode Globodera rostochiensis ro1. Susceptible to dry rot Fusarium coeruleum, and late blight on foliage and tubers.
A firm, waxy type all-purpose potato with a slightly buttery flavor. Fans profess, "No condiments necessary!" Amazing for roasting and boiling. Not recommended for frying. Nicola's firm dry flesh holds up well in salads and soups but also makes for perfect mashed potatoes. Interestingly, Nicola has a lower glycemic index than most varieties.