NG Purple Majesty

Purple skin and flesh
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Our 2018 crop of Organic Purple Majesty Seed Potatoes did not meet the disease-free criteria for use as Certified Seed Potato. We do have "Naturally-Grown" Purple Majesty to offer as an alternative.

Please note: Certified Organic Growers should secure approval from their Certifier before planting to ensure compliance. When Certified OG Seed Stock is not available from other sources, planting Conventional is often approved as an acceptable substitute.

Purple skin, purple flesh. Mid/late season.

• Purple skin and purple flesh.
• Medium sized oval/oblong shaped tubers. • New Potato. Short-term storage only. Ideal for early market and summer eating.
• Mid/Late Season (110-135 days)

The deep royal purple color is not only beautiful; it also means that these potatoes are loaded with antioxidants.
Growing Guide: Average to high yield with good uniformity.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to most viruses. Moderately resistant to scab.
Very good table quality with smooth skin and flesh that remains firm and moist after cooking.