NG Rocky Mountain Russet

Russet skin, white flesh

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  • 50 LB
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• Heavy russet skin and bright white flesh.
• Large, uniform, oblong shaped tubers.
• Good storage quality
• Late season (110-130 days).

Rocky Mountain Russet was developed by Colorado State University. This new variety features high yield potential (447 cwt*/acre), and a high percentage of #1 tubers (88%).

*cwt is hundredweight (100lb), 447 cwt/acre is 44,700lb/acre.
Growing Guide: Medium-large vine size, semi-erect plants.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to blackspot bruise, growth crack, second growth, hollow heart, and PVY. Susceptible to common scab.
"Naturally Grown" Seed Potatoes are Certified Seed Potatoes grown without use of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic-based fertilizers. Like our Certified Organic Seed potatoes, they are grown using natural and organic methods such as beneficial insects, crop rotation, cover crops, animal grazing, and increased plant diversity on the farm. The only factor prohibiting Organic Certification is the application of a foliar acid to desiccate the vines before harvest. The use of the desiccant (synthetic) dramatically helps reduce spread of aphid-carried disease in a crop, which can easily ruin an entire crop of seed potatoes as disease tolerance levels for Certification are extremely low. We are proud to offer this high-quality seed to you knowing it was grown with care in the spirit of organic.