Sweet Potato Slips - Evangeline

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  • 10 slips
  • $10.85
  • -+
  • 100 Slips
  • $40.00
  • -+
  • 500 slips
  • $115.00
  • -+
  • 1000 slips
  • $135.00
  • -+
• Orange skin with deep orange flesh
• Renowned for sweetness
• Days to Maturity: 100 days

Developed in 2007 by the LSU Ag-Center. Evangeline has twice the amount of sucrose than Beauregard giving it a significantly sweeter flavor. Yields tend to be lower than Beauregard, but Evangeline produces less jumbos size roots. Evangeline also shows tolerance to late season flooding, with harvestable post-flood tubers that even store well retaining their flavor and quality.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Similar to Beauregard, but Evangeline also has resistance to southern root knot nematode.
Taste-test winner!